Yankees Baseball Summer Camps


Yankees Baseball Summer Camps Safety Protocols

Arrival / Drop-off / Check-in

We ask that you stay in your car during drop-off, and do not walk your camper up to the check-in area.

We will have staff posted at the designated drop-off area to greet and walk your camper to our contact-free check-in process.

Camp Procedures

Please pack your camper's lunch in a sealed lunch bag marked with your camper's name. If you pack anything that needs to be kept cool, please include an icepack in the lunch bag. Lunches will be kept in camper backpacks until lunch time. If your ballplayer's lunch requires utensils, please include those in the lunch bag as well.

Campers will eat lunch with their team.

Campers will not be allowed to share water bottles, and we encourage you to pack enough water for the day if you are uncomfortable with your camper using camp-provided hydration stations.

During full camp meetings, your camper will sit with his/her team.


Each team will have a designated area "dugout" to keep their gear/bags, and campers' bags will be separated.


Please stay in your car when you arrive; we will bring your camper to you.

Camper Illness

If a camper begins to manifest symptoms of a potential illness while at camp, we will contact his/her parent/guardian immediately in accordance with camp communication protocol. If, in the judgment of our leadership staff, the camper is exhibiting serious symptoms necessitating further emergency action, we will proactively seek additional medical assistance in addition to contacting the designated parent/guardian.

We will keep any camper suspected of COVID-19 infection isolated in a designated area and attended to by a limited number of trained staff while the camper awaits pick up.

We will activate substantial additional sanitization protocol to clean and disinfect any surfaces and objects prior to allowing campers back in any area inhabited by a camper suspected of coronavirus infection.


If we receive notice from a parent/guardian of a confirmed or presumptive case of COVID-19 amongst our campers, we will follow these procedures:

  • Directly contact families of campers who were in immediate contact with the camper in question.

“My son had an awesome time! He really liked the coaching. We really appreciated the email updates with the skills they were working on and character-building aspects of the game. It also had some important life lessons on game etiquette, winning/losing and being a good team member… not just about winning the game!”