Yankees Baseball Summer Camps


We’re doing more than just teaching kids to play baseball. Our coaches motivate campers through our reward points system, emphasizing leadership and teamwork, rather than just being the “best” player on a team. This year’s curriculum provides fast-paced programming to keep campers continually active – no more waiting for you turn. Campers will engage in activities with their teammates while each player gets to focus on their own skill lever. Campers learn the basics of baseball and then use those lessons to compete with their teammates in games and challenges. By providing choice throughout the day, campers will determine the position or skill in which they’d like to see improvements, feeling empowered to better themselves how they’d like to do so. The consistency of scheduled helps campers know what to expect and when to expect it so they can give their all to playing the game. Expect your camper to be tired out at the end of each day, and excited to head back to camp the next day.


Young athletes perform best when they feel confident and comfortable. For that reason, we divide our camp into five age-appropriate levels. Each level teaches a unique set of skills and encourages its own degree of competition. This also ensures that ballplayers get a new Yankees Baseball Summer Camps experience each year!