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Looking at baseball's winningest seasons

1906 Cubs, 2001 Mariners top list with 116-win campaigns
December 17, 2021

With 116 victories in 2001, the Mariners tied the record for the most wins in a 162-game season, set more than a hundred years earlier, by the 1906 Cubs. But since Chicago accomplished its feat in a shorter season, that club still boasts the best winning percentage of all time

Best Yankees of all time, by uniform number

December 1, 2021

When Derek Jeter's No. 2 joined the Yankees' collection of retired numbers in May 2017, removing the last of the single digits from circulation, the franchise claimed the honor of having honored more players than any North American professional sports franchise. Twenty-one numbers are currently in Yankee Stadium's Monument Park,

Once a Yankee: 10 stars you forgot wore pinstripes

December 1, 2021

There is a long, rich history of the Yankees bringing in veterans who made their name with other teams at the tail ends of their careers -- often for such a short amount of time that you might forget they ever played for New York at all. Today, we take

Who had Yanks' top single year at the plate?

December 1, 2021

Take a stroll through Yankee Stadium’s Monument Park, and you are instantly struck by the presence of greatness. Many of the finest players in baseball history enjoyed their best seasons while wearing the fabled pinstripes, a list dominated by Babe Ruth, the greatest slugger the game has ever known. Examining

How they came to be called the Yankees

December 1, 2021

If not for the ingenuity of a turn-of-the-century newspaperman searching to save letters, the subway station at the corner of 161st Street and River Avenue might be better known as the stop for Highlanders Stadium. Many believe that the Yankees shed their original Highlanders nickname in 1913, when they abandoned

Masters of the mound: Yankees' top seasons

December 1, 2021

Run production has defined the Yankees over the years, thrilling their fans by lighting up the scoreboards with long-ball prowess. The players charged with run prevention frequently have taken a back seat to the sluggers, but the franchise has seen some terrific pitchers, too. It is challenging to compare modern

Yankees' all-time retired numbers

December 1, 2021

No Major League franchise boasts a richer and more storied history than the Yankees. Appropriately, the 21 numbers that have been removed from circulation to honor 22 of their finest players and managers stand as the most in Major League Baseball. Lou Gehrig's No. 4 was the first retired number

Here's the Yanks' all-time single-season team

December 1, 2021

Imagine if you could put together a roster of the finest years by a Yankee at each position. Now ponder an outfield that features versions of Babe Ruth in both left field and right field, six years apart, with Mickey Mantle chasing balls in center field. That sounds like the

Here are the top Yanks not in Hall of Fame

December 1, 2021

A pair of stellar lifetime Yankees have highlighted the National Baseball Hall of Fame’s most recent classes, with Mariano Rivera becoming the first unanimous inductee in 2019 and Derek Jeter receiving 396 of 397 possible votes a year later, easily clearing the 75% threshold required for induction. The selections increased

Biggest free agents Yankees failed to re-sign

Yanks have history of re-signing coveted FAs -- with some exceptions
November 1, 2021

When the Yankees want to bring a player back, they do not often let one of their own leave in free agency. Call it the powerful pull of the pinstripes -- and of course, being a big-market, big-budget team doesn't hurt, either. The Yanks have certainly had some close calls.

Most memorable Subway Series moments

September 10, 2021

The Subway Series always provides some must-see moments. Regardless of where the Mets and Yankees are in the standings, their yearly showdowns rank among the MLB season's most intriguing Interleague matchups -- and the Subway Series World Series in 2000 only stoked the rivalry more. Households are divided and bragging

Here are the hardest-hit home runs in MLB

August 20, 2021

If you turned away -- or even blinked for a second -- you may have missed these home runs. They're the hardest-hit homers that Statcast has tracked since its 2015 debut, and they got out of stadiums in a hurry. Two names have been most closely associated with the home

The top Yanks Draft pick from every season

July 14, 2021

Derek Jeter and Thurman Munson have easily been the Yankees’ top first-round selections since the MLB Draft was instituted in 1965, each sharing turns as captains on their way to multiple championships and eventual enshrinement in Yankee Stadium’s Monument Park.

Every Yankees no-hitter in history

May 19, 2021

NEW YORK -- A no-hitter is one of the most nerve-wracking and thrilling feats to experience in baseball, and the Yankees have been no stranger to the excitement. Dating back to 1917, New York has had a dozen pitchers get penciled into the history books for tossing nine innings of

5 unforgettable Opening Days for Yanks

March 31, 2021

The closing seconds of the Super Bowl signify the unofficial handoff to baseball, making this the perfect time to dream about the Yankees taking the field on Opening Day -- especially while snow and slush clog New York's avenues. Numerous season openers have earned a place in franchise lore. Here

The Yankees' best homegrown Draft picks

February 15, 2021

Part of the thrill of the Yankees' most recent dynasty was in watching homegrown talent reach stardom, having advanced through the farm system to the game's grandest stage. Fans adored what came to be known as the "Core Four," the members of which were all eventually enshrined in Monument Park.

10 longest homers at Yankee Stadium

February 11, 2021

The current Yankee Stadium has enjoyed its reputation as a homer haven ever since Jorge Posada cracked the building's first long ball on April 16, 2009, with hitter-friendly dimensions and stacked Yankees lineups combining to create an uncomfortable atmosphere for pitchers. Here are the 10 longest home runs hit at

NYPD & Tiffany: The story behind Yanks' logo

February 4, 2021

The interlocking “NY” of the Yankees’ logo is arguably the most recognizable in all of professional sports, spotted on streets from The Bronx to Beijing, Manhattan to Melbourne. Their navy blue and white caps have transcended baseball, becoming a global cultural touchstone. Yet most are unaware of the origins of

Top 5 debut seasons in Yankees history

February 1, 2021

Yankees fans frequently discuss the idea of a player "earning their pinstripes," the moment when a new face becomes accepted as part of the family. Whether they are making their mark as rookies, acquired via trade or imported as a free agent, it is a status every player hopes to

'Roll call' is a Yankee Stadium exclusive

January 31, 2021

Aaron Judge spun his heels in the Yankee Stadium outfield and pointed an index finger into the vacant Section 203, usually inhabited by the famed Bleacher Creatures. Taking the cue, Brett Gardner dropped to a knee and offered a double-armed flex, imagining the chants of his name ringing across the

Top 10 moments at (new) Yankee Stadium

January 25, 2021

Derek Jeter held a wireless microphone on the final night at the original Yankee Stadium, striking perfect notes from the center of the storied infield. The captain asked fans to “take the memories from this stadium and add them to the new memories we make at the new Yankee Stadium.”

The day Billy Crystal hit leadoff for the Yanks

January 21, 2021

If you ask Billy Crystal about his favorite birthday, the answer is easy. How many people get to celebrate another trip around the sun by wearing Yankees pinstripes? At Derek Jeter’s suggestion, the actor and comedian signed a Minor League contract during Spring Training 2008, when the Yankees granted Crystal

The top 5 games from Yankees pitchers

January 18, 2021

There is something magical about the rare days when a pitcher has everything working, often with little warning. The Yankees have been fortunate to weave a number of those red-letter days into their rich history, and here are five of our favorites: 1) Don Larsen: Oct. 8, 1956 There has

How Sinatra's classic became Yankees staple

January 14, 2021

The first few notes of Frank Sinatra’s “Theme From New York, New York” produce a Pavlovian response for anyone who has spent a few hours at Yankee Stadium. Cymbals crash, brass horns blare, and you can envision John Sterling whirling in the broadcast booth: “Yankees win! Th-e-e-e-e-e Yankees win!” Sinatra

Greatest single games from Yankees hitters

January 11, 2021

Sensational offensive performances are deeply entrenched in the annals of Yankees history, dating to the afternoons when Babe Ruth drew spectators to the Bronx in hopes of witnessing a few mighty swats into the bleachers. Over the decades since, the franchise has been blessed with numerous memorable single-game performances. Here