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GMS Field Food


Top 5 Must Haves This Spring


Smoked Meat Series

GMS Field is now home to a 500 lb Pitmasters smoker. If you indulge at your local smokehouse for pulled pork or beef brisket, be sure to stop by and let us give them a run for their smoked meat money!


Burger Culture

Fans are going to see a major transformation in the burger culture at Steinbrenner Field. Our new burger will be crafted from locally sourced beef and custom ground to provide one of the freshest, juiciest burgers in town.


Loaded Fresh Cut Fries

Our loaded fresh cut fries can be found at the third base concession stand and will be loaded with melted cheese and your choice of pulled pork or beef brisket taken hot off the smoker.


Family Meal Deal

The best value for the family this spring will be the family bucket featuring 8 plump chicken tenders and over 1lb of fresh fries served in a Yankees souvenir bucket. GMS Field will also serve a variety of "slider" buckets with your choice of beef, chicken, or pulled pork.


Specialty Cocktails

Steinbrenner Field now features two new premium Bullpen Clubs. Fans can experience several specialty cocktails and innovative food offerings while enjoying great views of the playing action.