9-Game Value Plan

Prorated to 7 Games
2024 Season Tickets

Prorated to 7 Games

The 9-Game Value Plan consists of the same seats for nine designated weekday games. Ticket licensees have an opportunity to purchase tickets for Yankees postseason home games (subject to availability) during a presale (prior to any public sale).

Any purchase of Season Tickets will not be completed, until the potential licensee both: (a) offers to purchase the Season Tickets by acknowledging acceptance of and agreeing to be bound by the Tickets Terms and Conditions (i.e., by signature or on-line click acceptance, the "Offer"); and (b) receives written notice of the Yankees' acceptance and confirmation of the purchase of the Season Tickets - all of which is conditioned upon the licensee's compliance with the Tickets Terms and Conditions.

Tickets and Season Ticket plans purchased on yankees.com and/or ticketmaster.com are subject to the terms and conditions established by the Yankees including: (a) Age Limit; (b) Ticket Limit; and (c) Territory Limit. The Yankees will: (x) strictly enforce these terms and conditions; (y) refuse to sell to any person/entity that would cause the terms and conditions to be violated; and (z) revoke any ticket license relating to any ticket account that violates the terms and conditions.

The Yankees may refuse to sell to any person/entity that violates New York law and may revoke any ticket license relating to any ticket account that violates New York law. Please be advised that THE UNLAWFUL RESALE OF FIVE (5) OR MORE TICKETS WITHOUT HAVING FIRST PROCURED A LICENSE FROM THE NEW YORK SECRETARY OF STATE IS PUNISHABLE BY IMPRISONMENT OF UP TO ONE (1) YEAR AND FINES OF UP TO $4,000.00 OR MORE. The Yankees reserve the right to require proof of a properly issued New York Ticket Reseller License.

When purchasing tickets or ticket plans on yankees.com and associated websites, you are limited to a specified number of tickets or ticket plans for each event (also known as a "ticket limit"). The Yankees reserve the right to cancel any or all orders and tickets/ticket plans without notice to you if you exceed the posted limits. This includes orders associated with the same name, e-mail address, billing address, credit card number or other information.