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Busch Stadium Food & Beverages

Full Menu


Asian-Stir Fry (Add Shrimp, Chicken, or Beef)


Baserunner Cocktail

St. Louis BBQ

House smoked meats (Turkey, Brisket, Sausage and Pork) served on a bun with chips for a Basket or with coleslaw and potato salad for a Platter.


  • Broadway BBQ Section 109

Beef Brisket (BBQ) with Chips

Beef Brisket (BBQ) Plate

Beer Domestic (Draft)

Beer Premium/Specialty (Draft)

Beer Domestic (16oz Aluminum Bottles)

Beer Premium/Specialty (Bottle)

Busch Happy Hour

Price: $5.00

Available from when gates open until First Pitch.

  • Busch 12oz Can
  • Bud 12oz Can
  • Natural Light Naturdays 12oz Can


  • Budweiser Terrace Bar
  • Budweiser Skyline Terrace Bar

Beer Domestic (Cans)

Beer Domestic Bucket

Beer Premium/Specialty (Cans)

Beer Premium/Specialty (24oz Cans)

Craft Beer (Draft & Bottle)

Bottled Soda

Bottled Water

Bratwurst (Bacon Onion Cheddar)

Bratwurst (Jumbo)

Bratwurst (Regular)


Bud (Rita Cans)

Bullpen Mojito

Burrito's and Bowls




Assortments of Candy: Hot Tamales, Mike & Ikes, Skittles, Sour Patch Kids, Swedish Fish.

Price: $4.25


  • Family Pavilion Kids Kitchen Section 107

Carvery Sandwich Plate



Cheeseburger Basket (with fries)

Cheeseburger Double

Cheeseburger Double (with fries)

Cheese Cup (Gluten Free)

3oz Nacho Cheese.

Price: $2.50


  • Plaza Grill Section 101
  • Family Pavilion Kids Kitchen Section 107
  • Gashouse Grill Section 132
  • Dizzy's Diner Section 139
  • Gashouse Grill Section 146
  • Gashouse Grill Section 150
  • El Birdos Nachos Section 152
  • Gashouse Grill Section 154
  • Dizzy's Diner Section 161
  • Ballpark Favorites Section 162
  • Ballpark Favorites Section 169
  • Gashouse Grill Section 233
  • Red Bird Club Grill Section 250
  • Left Field Pavilion Section 264
  • Left Field Pavilion Section 266
  • Triple Play Section 270
  • Bowtie Grill Section 271
  • Riverview Corner Section 432
  • Ballpark Favorites Section 437
  • Dizzy's Diner Section 446
  • Gashouse Grill Section 450

Cherry Limeade Cocktail

Bourbon and Limoncello liquor base blended with Sprite and fresh limes and cherries served on ice in a souvenir barrel cup.

Price: $17.00


  • Jameson Barrel Bar Section 130

Chicken Breast Sandwich

Chicken Breast Sandwich & Basket

Chicken Tenders & Basket

Chicken Tenders

Cocktails (Premium and Super Premium)

Coffee & Regular Hot Chocolate

Cotton Candy

Corndog (Footlong)

Cookies (Grandmas)

Cookies (Freshly Baked)

Cracker Jacks


Deluxe Hots & Sausages

Dippin Dots (Cup or Helmet)

Dinger's Donuts

Dinger's Delight

Doritos XVL