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Access Guide for Guests with Disabilities

The St. Louis Cardinals are committed to providing a safe, clean, fun, family-friendly environment. We strive to thoroughly understand and enthusiastically exceed guest expectations. We have given special attention to all areas of the ballpark to ensure that it is fully accessible and continue to look for ways to make each guests' experience as comfortable as possible.

Accessible Parking

Accessible Seating/Companion Seating

    Seating Close to Escalator:

    • Level 2: UMB Champions Club, Party Suites
    • Level 3: Bank of America, Redbird Club, Legends Club Suites, Sections 265
    • Level 4: Sections 334

    Seating Close to Ramp:

    • East Ramp: Sections 132, Suite 205, 231, and 331
    • West Ramp: Sections 151, Suite 46, 255, 354

    Seating with electrical outlets:

    • Seating Bowl Sections with outlets: 102, 105, 127, 132, 133, 134, 137, 138, 139, 146, 147, 151, 154, 159, 160, 161, 162, 163, 167, 171, 172, 189, 231, 240, 241, 247, 255, 261, 265, 267, 268, 270, 271, 331, 334, 340, 341, 347, 348, 353, 357, 358
    • Our Clubs with electrical outlets available are Cardinals Club, Redbirds Club, Bank of America, all Party and Luxury Suites, and UMB Champions Club
    • Electrical outlets are also available at Guest Relations and First Aid. (Guest Relations - Level 1, Section 148, Level 4, Section 340. First Aid - Level 1, Section 147, Level 4, Section 351)
    • Seating for guests using Mobility Devices: Please call (314) 345-9000 for further assistance to accommodate power and space needs of personal mobility devices.

    Seating with direct access to captioning:

    • All PA announcements are captioned on the big screen.
    • Upon request, any TV in the ballpark can be changed from the in-house feed to local broadcast to accommodate having the caption on the television.

    Alternative Format Materials

    There are braille signs outside of restrooms, stairways, and service doors.

    Braille signs are located outside all restrooms and doorways. We have recently started creating an ADA brochure. We will have these brochures once the season starts and they will be located in Guest Relations on level 1, behind Section 148 and Level 4, behind Section 340.

    Assistive Listening Devices



    All of our concessions stands are ADA accessible. All of our usher staff is available to assist if any guest requests additional assistance. Our usher staff is available throughout the stadium.

    Dietary Restrictions

    We allow both food and drink into the stadium. Drinks must be in plastic, factory sealed bottles, that are 2 liters or less.

    Drop-Off/Pick Up Areas

    Electrical Outlets



      • Home Plate Escalator 1 to Gate 2 to Main Concourse
      • Home Plate Escalator 2 to Level 1 to Field Suites
      • Home Plate Escalator 3 Field Suites to Level 2, Suites 31-60
      • Home Plate Escalator 4 Level 2 to Redbird Club
      • 3rd Base Escalator 5 & 6 Main Concourse to Level 2
      • 3rd Base Escalator 7 & 8 to Level 2 to Left Field Pavilion
      • 3rd Base Escalator 9 to Level 3 & Level 4 Upper Terrace
      • 1st Base Escalator 10 to Main Concourse & Level 2
      • 1st Base Escalator 11 to Level 2 & Level 3
      • 1st Base Escalator 12 to Level 3, Level 4 - Sec. 334

      Emergency Evacuation

      In the case of an emergency evacuation, avoid taking elevators and escalators.

      The Primary Path of Exit would be to take the West or East Ramp. The West Ramp is located on the 8th Street Side of the building behind home plate. The sections closest to the West Ramp are Section 343, 255, Suite 46, and 151. The East Ramp is located on the Broadway side of the building. The sections closest to the East Ramp are Section 328, 228, Suite 205, and 130.

      There are designated Area of Rescue locations throughout Busch Stadium where individuals with disabilities can wait for help if the paths of exit are unavailable.

      The usher staff is trained to evacuate or lead these individuals to the designated Area of Rescue locations when the paths of exit are unavailable.

      Entry and Carry in Policy

      Every gate is ADA accessible.

      Please review the list of prohibited items listed at

      First Aid

      Guest Services

      Guest Texting

      Guests may send a text to 314.300.1000 for assistance. Text STOP to cancel or HELP for info. Message and data rates may apply.

      Mobility Devices (Wheelchairs, Mobility Scooters, Segways)

      Public Transportation

      Metrolink station - next to the Westin on 8th Street.

      For Metrolink and MetroBus schedules please call (314) 231-2345.

      Restrooms/Family Restrooms

      Service Animals

      Stadium Seating Chart

      For more detailed information, visit the Busch Stadium Seating Map.


      All luxury and party suites are ADA accessible.

      All luxury suites have ability to remove seats for more space if needed.

      All luxury suites have private restrooms. Party suites have nearby access to outside restrooms.


      Ticket Information

      To exchange a ticket for an accessible seating ticket, please call (314) 345-9000. Tickets may also be exchanged prior to a game date or on the day of a game at the Busch Stadium Ticket Windows located on 8th Street near Gate 3.

      All ticket exchanges are subject to availability

      Accessible Ticket Windows:

      8th Street Ticket Windows, just north of Gate 3. These windows are open Monday - Friday, 9:00am - 5:00pm. They are also open for all home games from 9:00am until two hours after scheduled game time.

      Clark Street Ticket Windows, just east of Gate 5. Clark Street ticket windows are open on game days from the time gates open until 30 minutes after scheduled game time.

      Water Fountains

      Wheelchair and Transportation Services


      The St. Louis Cardinals are committed to providing a safe, clean, fun, family-friendly environment. We have given special attention to all areas of the ballpark to ensure that it is fully accessible and continue to look for ways to make each guests' experience as comfortable as possible. Please feel free to email or call (314) 345-9000 with any comments or suggestions on how we can improve your experience.