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Driving Directions

Interstate 5 (I-5), Interstate 90 (I-90) and State Route 99 (SR-99) all serve Safeco Field within ½ mile of the ballpark. Below is a list of exits that will put you in the vicinity of the ballpark; the exit you plan to use will likely depend on where you plan to park.

From the North

I-5 Southbound

  • Exit 165A - James St
  • Exit 164 - Dearborn St, 4th Ave S/Edgar Martinez Dr. S and Airport Way S

SR99 Southbound

  • Exit at S. Atlantic St.
  • Safeco Field is located on 1st Ave S at Atlantic St./Edgar Martinez Drive S.

From the South

I-5 Northbound

  • Exit 163 - West Seattle Freeway/Columbian Way
  • Follow signs to Spokane St/Safeco Field via 6th Ave S Northbound or 1st Ave S
  • Exit 164B - Edgar Martinez Dr. S
  • Exit 164A - Dearborn St

From the East

I-90 Westbound

  • Exit to 4th Ave S to park North or East of Safeco Field
  • Exit to Edgar Martinez Dr S to park South or West of Safeco Field

Entering/Exiting the Game

Seattle Police Traffic Unit personnel will direct travelers exiting after games and follow pre-determined traffic control plans. However, when needed, temporary route restrictions are implemented to move traffic safely around construction zones and out of the area. It may not be possible to follow a direct route to a nearby freeway onramp. Drivers are encouraged to identify and use alternate onramps to I-5 or I-90 that are located away from the ballpark.

Road Construction

This season there will be a number of street and highway construction projects in progress near the ballpark. Planning ahead and knowing what your options are will make your trip more enjoyable, and will ensure you get to the game for the first pitch. For the most current detour and closure information go to:

Statewide information in the Traveler section
SODO Seattle information and cameras