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Season Ticket Exchange

Ticket Exchange Program

The Ticket Exchange Program is only a benefit for Classic Full (82 Games), Half (42 Games), and Partial (22 Games) Season plans.

  • Classic Full Season Plans (82 Games) are eligible for unlimited exchanges (New for 2020)
  • Classic Half Season Plans (42 Games) are eligible for 20 exchanges (Increased from 2019 Season)
  • Partial Season Plans are eligible for 10 exchanges (Increased from 2019 Season)

Tickets may be exchanged only once and are exchanged on a game by game & a dollar-for-dollar basis.

Single game tickets are not eligible for exchange. This also includes tickets that are purchased through a Season Plan Holder presale or special offer.

New for 2020: Ticket exchanges must be finalized up to 48 hours prior to the scheduled start time of both games in the exchange.

Exchanges are not available over the phone, by mail, or email.  

Parking passes are eligible to be exchanged and are based on availability. All exchanged tickets & parking will arrive via email

Accounts must be paid in full or in good standing with their payment plan to participate in the Ticket Exchange Program

Game Tiers

Ticket values differ from game to game based on the pre-designated Game Tiers. Please reference the "Ticket Exchange Game Tiers" document. 

If tickets are exchanged for tickets in the same game tier, there will be no additional charge

If tickets are exchanged for tickets in a higher game tier, you will be responsible for paying the difference at the Season Plan Holder price

If ticket are exchanged for tickets in a lesser game tier, there will not be a refund and credit will not be added to your account

Value Exchanges

Tickets may be exchanged only once and are exchanged on a game by game and a dollar-for-dollar quantity

Tickets from multiple games cannot be combined but you will have the ability to take the value of two tickets from one game and exchange them into a single ticket at a higher price point. You may also take tickets from one higher tiered game and move them into more tickets for a lower tiered game. 

Locations are subject to availability 

There is a maximum of eight (8) tickets that can be exchanged into any eligible game date

Ticket Brokers are not eligible to participate in this program. Any tickets that are exchanged through the Ticket Exchange Program are not eligible to be re-sold.  

Blackout Dates

All game dates are subject to blackout at any time regardless of plan type. Exchange limits may be introduced at any time based on game attendance and demand.

2020 Blackout Dates

Exchange Tickets

We recommend using a desktop or laptop as this service may not be compatible with all mobile devices or tablets. (The recommended browser to use is Google Chrome.)

  1. Log in to your Access account
  2. Click on "Tickets" on the top menu
  3. Click on "My Ticket Inventory" 
  4. Select "Exchange Tickets" in the "Ticket Action" dropdown menu
  5. Select the tickets from your inventory that you wish to exchange
  6. Click "Continue" to view the games that are eligible for your exchange and select the one you wish to attend
  7. Click "Select this Event" to navigate to the seat selection process
  8. Confirm your event selection and checkout
Washington Nationals Bag Policy

Please note: Backpacks may not be brought into Nationals Park except as otherwise provided in the Nationals Bag Policy. For a complete list of permitted bags and details about the Binbox storage option please click the Read More button below.