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Season Ticket Exchange

An Exclusive Benefit For Nationals Season Plan Holders Only

Washington Nationals Ticket Exchange for the Sunday, September 9th game vs. Chicago Cubs

Season Plan Holders may exchange their unused tickets from the 9/9 game purchased through, a Nationals representative, or the Nationals Box Office for any remaining 2018 regular season home game based on availability. Tickets used for the 9/13 rescheduled game are not eligible for exchange. The exchange must take place before the end of the 2018 regular season. All exchanges are based on availability.

The following tickets are not eligible for exchanges: complimentary tickets, community tickets marked CHARITY, and NatsPass tickets.

For Luxury and Party Suite tickets, please contact your Nationals representative.

The Nationals are not responsible for and will not provide any refunds or exchanges of any ticket purchased via StubHub or any other secondary market reseller.

For more information on postponed game exchange options, please CLICK HERE
 to see the Postponed Game Ticket Policies.

Ticket exchanges must be finalized at least 72 hours (three full days) prior to the scheduled start time of both games in the exchange (exceptions may apply in the case of game postponements).

  • Tickets may be exchanged only once and are exchanged on a ticket-for-ticket quantity. You will not have the ability to take the value of two tickets and convert them into a single ticket at a higher price point.
  • Tickets can be exchanged at the same ticket price or at a lesser value, based on availability at the time the tickets are exchanged. Tickets can also be exchanged ticket for ticket at a higher value. Additional payment is required for seat upgrades via credit card.
  • Locations are subject to availability and refunds will not be given for downgrades
  • Parking passes are eligible to be exchanged and are based on availability. All exchanged tickets & parking will arrive via email and will NOT be loaded onto season plan holder cards.
  • Exchanges are not available over the phone, by mail or by e-mail.
  • All exchange dates are subject to blackout and any game may become a blackout game at any time.
  • The Ticket Exchange Program is only available for Full (82 games), Half (42 games) and Partial (21 games) Season Plans. Ticket exchanges are not valid for any 6-Pack, 10-Pack, Mini, Flex or Pick 'Em packages. Please note, the maximum number of exchange transactions allowed per season for Full Season Members is 20, Half Season Members is 15 and Partial Plan Holders is 5. Tickets issued through the Ticket Exchange Program shall not be resold.
  • Red Carpet Rewards tickets and parking passes are not eligible for exchange.
  • Season Plan Holders can exchange tickets via their Access account at Once in your Access account, you'll be able to exchange tickets under the "Extras" tab.

How to exchange your "Future" game tickets via your My Nationals Tickets Account

To access your account, go to and click on the "Extras" tab and then "Exchange Tickets" We recommend utilizing a desktop or laptop as this service may not be compatible with all mobile devices or tablets. (The recommended browser to use would be Google Chrome)

Benefits of exchanging tickets via your Access account:

  • Fastest way to exchange tickets; you'll be able to receive your tickets in minutes
  • Ability to select exact seats for your new tickets/game
  • Ability to upgrade seats in real time with the ability to pay by credit card
  • Ticket Exchange automatically updates ticketing information on your Access account

Blackout games that cannot be exchanged for include: