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2020 Season Plan Holders

Earning 2019 Red Carpet Rewards Points


The Nationals have an attendance program that rewards NATS PLUS Members for coming to Nationals Park. The more games you attend and the earlier you arrive, the more points you will receive!

Earning Points

Earning Points 02

Only season seats that are a part of the original plan are eligible to receive points via this program. Scans created by exchanged tickets, Red Carpet Rewards tickets, and single game ticket purchases are not eligible to receive points via this program.

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eCASH is a digital payment method that simplifies the process of paying for concessions and merchandise at Nationals Park.

Red Carpet Rewards | eCash

Attending/Watching Games

All fans can earn points for engaging with the Nationals at the ballpark and at home. When you attend a game at Nationals Park, use the MLB Ballpark app to vote for the President that you think will win the GEICO Presidents Race - voting is open until 30 minutes after first pitch and fans who correctly predict the winner will receive Red Carpet Rewards points. At the end of the game, look for a Red Carpet Rewards code on the scoreboard. All radio game broadcasts on WJFK (106.7 FM) will also feature a Red Carpet Code read by Dave Jageler or Charlie Slowes during the game. Simply enter the Red Carpet Code into the Code Redemption Widget within 24 hours of when you receive it.

Red Carpet Code


2019 Point Redemption

Red Carpet Rewards points can be redeemed for seats and parking.

Red Carpet Rewards Point Redemption

Maximum of 12 tickets per game per account are able to be redeemed for traditional seats

* Point value and availability of suites/tickets/parking subject to change

Red Carpet Rewards points can also be redeemed for merchandise and past giveaway items and once in a lifetime experiences using the Rewards tab in the MLB Ballpark app.

2019 Blackout Dates

Red Carpet Rewards points can be redeemed for tickets to any Nationals regular season home game, with the exception of the following games:

Thursday, March 28 vs. New York Mets
Friday, April 12 vs. Pittsburgh Pirates
Saturday, May 18 vs. Chicago Cubs
Saturday, May 25 vs. Miami Marlins
Saturday, June 15 vs. Arizona Diamondbacks
Friday, June 21 vs. Atlanta Braves
Wednesday, July 3 vs. Miami Marlins
Thursday, July 4 vs. Miami Marlins
Saturday, July 27 vs. Los Angeles Dodgers
Saturday, August 17 vs. Milwaukee Brewers
Saturday, September 14 vs. Atlanta Braves

Washington Nationals Bag Policy

Please note: Backpacks may not be brought into Nationals Park except as otherwise provided in the Nationals Bag Policy. For a complete list of permitted bags and details about the Binbox storage option please click the Read More button below.