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Red Carpet Rewards

Point Allocation

2018 Point Redemption Information

2018 Point Redemption information

Traditional Seats *Maximum of 12 tickets per game per account are able to be redeemed

2018 Point Redemption information Parking

* Point value and availability of suites/tickets/parking subject to change

Exclusive Auctions & Experiences


2018 Blackout Dates *Subject to change

Thu, Apr 5 @ 1:05 PM (NYM)
Sat, May 5 @ 4:05 PM (PHI)
Tue, May 15 @ 7:05 PM (NYY)
Wed, May 16 @ 7:05 PM (NYY)
Sat, May 19 @ 7:05 PM (LAD)

Mon, Jun 18 @ 5:05 PM (NYY)
Mon, Jul 2 @ 7:05 PM (BOS)
Tue, Jul 3 @ 6:05 PM (BOS)
Wed, Jul 4 @ 11:05 AM (BOS)
Sat, Aug 18 @ 7:05 PM (MIA)

2018 Earning Points

An initial point balance is given at the start of the season as a thank you for your commitment to the Nationals. But you can earn points throughout the season!

Attendance Program - Earn points for simply attending games

2018 Earning Points

Only season seats that are a part of your original plan are eligible to receive points via this program. Scans created by exchanged tickets, Red Carpet Rewards tickets, and single game ticket purchases are not eligible to receive points via this program.


Earn points by loading eCASH onto your Season Plan Holder Card(s).

Red Carpet Rewards | eCash

Social Media

Red Carpet Codes

All Radio game broadcasts on WJFK (106.7 FM) will feature a "Red Carpet Code" read by Dave Jageler or Charlie Slowes. If that Red Carpet Code is entered into the "Code Redemption Widget" within 24 hours of the game being broadcast, you will earn 20 Red Carpet Rewards Points. In addition to radio broadcasts, a "Red Carpet Code" will be displayed on the scoreboard at the end each game. Enter that code within 24 hours of the end of the game and you will earn 40 Red Carpet Rewards Points.

Red Carpet Codes