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Birdland Rewards FAQs

What are Birdland Rewards?

As a valued Birdland Member, Birdland Rewards gives you the ability to access and experience unique and exclusive opportunities not available to the general public. You can customize your experience as a Birdland Member by choosing which rewards mean the most to you.

Who is eligible to join Birdland Rewards?

All Birdland Members are enrolled for free upon purchase of their 2019 Birdland Membership (formerly known as Season Plan Membership). Birdland Memberships are available at Diamond Level (81 games), Black Level (29 games), and Orange Level (13 games).

How many points do I have?

Orange Level Members (13-Game Plan) will receive 75 points per seat (up to 4 seats)

Black Level Members (29-Game Plan) will receive 200 points per seat (up to 4 seats)

Diamond Level Members (Full Season Plan) will receive 500 points per seat (up to 4 seats)

Throughout the season, you can check your current balance by logging into your rewards account.

What rewards are available to me?

A variety of exclusive members-only rewards are available including Travel with the Team, Take Batting Practice, Watch Fireworks from the Field, Pre-Game On-Field Access, and more.

A full list of rewards can be found below:

  • Orange Level Members Rewards (13-Game Plan)
  • Black Level Members Rewards (29-Game Plan)
  • Diamond Level Members Rewards (Full Season Plan)

How can I redeem my points?

Points can be redeemed online only by logging into your rewards account or through the MLB Ballpark App. Your login information will be the same credentials used for your Orioles Account Manager. A direct link from Orioles Account Manager will take you into the rewards platform once it goes live (this date will be communicated in advance via e-mail).

I redeemed my points for a reward. What is next?

You will receive a confirmation email with more information. If you redeemed for an event more information will be communicated by email closer to the event date. If you redeemed for an item or experience, an Orioles Representative will be in contact to confirm details or arrange pick up.

Can I earn more points?

Your points are based on your membership level (number of games in your plan) and quantity of seats (capped at 4 per account).

What if I don't use my points? Can they roll over to next season?

Points must be used by the end of the season and will expire on October 31, 2019.

Your points are non-transferable and may not be offered for sale.