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The Inside Experience

Regular Season


"I thank you and everyone involved for a terrific 'experience' at Yankee Stadium. It was so good, in fact, that my son is already bugging me to take him back to Yankee Stadium for more ball games and another 'Experience.' That, to me, is the one thing that makes this a great event."

 "This exceeded my expectations. Your staff could not be better. Meeting Joe Girardi up close and personal is a once in a lifetime experience."

 "We highly recommend to anyone!!!"

 "The whole Inside Experience was an especially amazing highlight for me. It was a great surprise of the Yankees welcoming me on the scoreboard. I will definitely recommend this to family and friends and hopefully I will get to experience it again in the future."

 "After the whole day my 84 year old uncle said, 'Let's do this again next weekend.' You made my uncle's day, week, and year! Thank you for a great day!"

 "The staff was great. Everything was very well planned and executed. I am looking forward to the email with the link to the pictures. This was a once in a lifetime experience."

 "Everyone was wonderful. The aide that helped my father get around the park was perfect. He was so nice and made his day very special."

 "Great program to introduce baseball fans and visitors to NYC. One guest was from the area but not a fan of baseball - and she loved the day because of The Inside Experience."

 "It was great; it was a present for my son's 16th birthday and he adored it - "Best day of my life" he said!!"

 "I have been a Yankee fan since 1959. This was a wonderful gift from my wife to share with one of my children, was a dream come true."

 "Thanks for putting together by far the greatest day of my life, and a day I will remember for the rest of my life. You were all fantastic and everything was put together very well? I really you all keep this program going for years to come because I will definitely keep coming back."

 "Very professional, accommodating, patient and knowledgeable"

 "The staff around the Stadium is first class. Thank you for this opportunity!"

 "They (staff) were fantastic! Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves as well, all with smiles"

 "Extremely pleased with the customer service -top notch all the way."


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