2023 Theme Tickets

Theme Tickets

2023 Theme Tickets are no longer available.

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Past Events

Peanuts Night

College Night I

Class of 2022 Night

Friends Night

African American Heritage Night

Donate Life Day

College Night II

Keith Hernandez - Budweiser Bash

Béisbol in the Classroom

Weather Day

104.1 The Home Team Night

Nurses Appreciation Night

Scout Night I

Nurses Appreciation Day

Boy Band Night

Sesame Street Day

Mental Health Awareness Night

Illini Night

Scout Night II

Mike Matheny - Budweiser Bash


Shakespeare Night

World Wide Technology Raceway Night

Pride Night

Looney Tunes Day

Teachers Night I

Scout Night III

Teachers Night II

Kids Day Out

Mark Whiten - Budweiser Bash

Star Wars Night

Yellowstone Night

Book Club Night

St. Louis City SC Day

Shark Week Theme Day

Brad Thompson - Budweiser Bash

Mizzou Night

Jayson Tatum Night

DC Comics Superhero Night

Harry Potter™ Night

Emo Night

Fredbird's BIRD-day Party

Peanut Controlled Day

Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Night

Gary Gaetti - Budweiser Bash

Fredbird's Garage Sale

WWE Night

Military Appreciation Night

University Day

Golf Night

Billikens Night


Fiesta Cardenales

St. Louis Blues Night

Nurses Appreciation Day

First Responders Appreciation Day

Brendan Ryan - Budweiser Bash

Halfway to St. Patrick's Day

Career Day

The Stadium Tour (Waino's Version)