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High Five Fundraising Program

The OriolesREACH High Five Fundraising Program is a unique program designed to benefit local schools, recreation councils and other eligible non-profit organizations.

Since the program's inception in 2005, the Orioles have donated more than $2.6 million to various fundraising efforts through this program.

The High Five Program is the only fundraiser available that offers your group the chance to enjoy a fun-filled day or night at the Ballpark That Forever Changed Baseball. Your group can earn up to $5 for every ticket sold.

1. The Classic Group Outing
Fundraiser groups may choose to sell tickets to a specific game. Your entire group can sit together and share the excitement of Orioles Baseball at Oriole Park at Camden Yards.

2. The Flexible Ticket Voucher Program
Earn money for your organization through the flexible ticket voucher program by selling Orioles ticket vouchers, redeemable for Value, Classic, and Select games (more than 60 games).

Fans can easily exchange their vouchers for tickets at the Orioles Main Box Office in advance or on game day (subject to availability).

Group Incentives

Group Fundraising Dates

Orange = Fundraiser Dates

Grey = Fundraiser Dates Not Available

Flexible Ticket Voucher Program Dates

Orange = Fundraiser Dates
Grey = Fundraiser Dates Not Available

V = Value Games (Lower Reserve)
C = Classic Games (Upper Reserve)
S = Select Games (LF Upper Reserve)