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Baby Birds presented by MedStar Health

MedStar Health Families

MedStar Health families who delivered at Harbor Hospital or Franklin Square Medical Center and received an Orioles beanie, enter your registration code by clicking the button below to receive your complimentary membership and free gifts!

Purchase Baby Birds Membership

What better way to celebrate Baltimore's families as they welcome newborns into their homes than with Baby Birds! Baby Birds is a unique way to celebrate the moment a family grows by welcoming them to their favorite hometown team!

Whether you're awaiting your own joyous arrival or you're looking to celebrate the arrival of a new little hatchling for a family member or friend, a membership to Baby Birds means:

  • Orioles bib
  • Orioles 6-month onesie
  • Special offers

All for just $25, plus S/H

In connection with your purchase, you may receive exclusive ticket information about this event in the future.