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Theme Tickets

2019 Theme Tickets are no longer available.

Scroll down to learn more about the Theme Ticket events that took place in 2019.

Check back soon for the 2020 Theme Ticket schedule.

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Past Theme Ticket Events

College Night I

Game of Thrones Night

Scout Night I

Firefighter Appreciation Night

Law Enforcement Appreciation Night

Firefighter Appreciation Day

Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

Boy Band Night

Fredbird's Easter Brunch

Class of 2019 Night

Earth Day

College Night II

Budweiser Bash - Fernando Tatis

Weather Day

Braggin' Rights Night - Illini

Braggin' Rights Night - Mizzou

Peanut Controlled Day

Sunday, April 28 vs. Reds 1:15 p.m.

On Sunday, April 28th, fans with peanut allergies can enjoy a Peanut Controlled Day, featuring tickets in a peanut-free section. This area will be thoroughly cleaned before the game and the sale and consumption of peanuts will not be allowed.

Transplant Awareness Day

Cancer Awareness Night

Scout Night II

Soccer Night

Nurses Appreciation Day

Nurses Appreciation Night

Grateful Dead Tribute Night

Budweiser Bash - Rex Hudler

Margaritaville Night

Zumba® Fitness Party at the Park

Teachers Night

Kids Day Out

Outdoors Night

Fredbird's Garage Sale

African American Heritage Night

Scout Night III

Budweiser Bash - Fernando Viña

Soccer Night

Elvis Night

Peanuts Night

Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Night

Y98's Courtney & Company Day

Pride Night

Missouri State Day

Budweiser Bash - Jason Motte

Christmas in July

Dave Glover Show Night

90s Night

Fredbird's Birthday Party

Sandlot Night

Budweiser Bash - Will Clark

Star Trek Night

World Wide Technology Raceway Night

Stranger Things Night

Bikers at Busch

Military Appreciation Night

Star Wars Day

Union Appreciation Day

Budweiser Bash - Woody Williams

Billikens Night


St. Louis Blues Night

Fiesta Cardenales

College Night III

Halfway to St. Patrick's Day

Career Day