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The Orioles Hall of Fame

The Orioles Hall of Fame was conceived in 1977 by The Oriole Advocates at the suggestion of two past presidents, Allen Barrett and Jack Buckley. With the encouragement and cooperation of the Orioles, the Hall was created, with Brooks and Frank Robinson as the inaugural members. In 1989, a veterans committee was formed to reconsider those early Orioles who may have been overlooked by voters not familiar with their contributions to the Orioles. In 1995, the Herbert E. Armstrong Award* was established to honor non-uniformed personnel worthy of inclusion in the Orioles Hall of Fame.

Plaques representing each member of the Orioles Hall of Fame can be found on a brick wall along Oriole Park's Eutaw Street walkway.

Orioles Hall of Fame - By Year

Orioles Hall of Fame - In Alphabetical Order